10 Tips for Unleashing the Power of Classified Ads

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10 Tips for Unleashing the Power of Classified Ads

Following are the 10 tips for unleashing the power of classified ads. Have a look!

1. Choose the right publication: While choosing the right publication for the campaign, businessmen tend to save the money and evade the money. So, the question arises that which are the best publications? Newspapers and magazine are the best of them. Others are used by competitors. But in practical, magazines fetch several orders because it has a large classified section which is successful in fetching the orders. So, it’s better to pick newspapers and magazine. They are best among others and pull out various orders.

2. Request a piece of detailed information about the Advertisement: This detailed information about the advertisement about a specific publication comes in a folder. This is also called a media kit. This media kit is very helpful as it provides the correct deadlines, a number of copies distributed, details on the basis of demographic aided by the publication. This media kit also provides you the actual cost of the advertisement.

3. Study and analyze the Classified section correctly: First and foremost, analyze that is there any publication studied by the customers. After finding it, answer the following questions.

What is the size of the classified section? Is it large? If yes, then how much?

What is the actual cost of the classified section?

Find out your competitors?

Analyze the graphics and check that bold headlines can be written or not?

Can you write them in colored fonts?

Do you have any other categories where you can place your ad?

If you will analyze the magazine, you will come to know that many ads are written again and again.

4. Choose the right category. Before choosing any category, have a look at the competitors’ category. Then find out can you use their category for your product or service? Will it work for your product or service. Classified ads are powerful from all as it has many classifications. And this leads to locate potential customers.

5. Scribble a provocative and strong headline: It is better to devote a huge time on headline as it is the most integral part of the advertisement. To frame the best headline make sure you have done the following things:

Jot down the advantages of the product or service you are offering. Pick the advantage which can attract most of the prospective customers. Jot down a headline which includes this advantage If you are unable to frame the advantage in the headline then you can shift the focus on the difficulty or requirement of the prospective customers.

For this, you have to jot down the benefits and problems than it solves. After that, choose the one which can attract prospective customers. This will help you to frame a powerful headline. It should be short. Make sure it contains six words or less.

6. Jot down a detailed and informative sales message about the offerings: Jot down a long sales message about the product or service you have offered. After this, remove the unnecessary lines and make it short. But make sure it includes all the necessary information.

Include below-listed points:

Create a list of necessary elements like headline, advantages, CTA, contact details. Make use of your advantages and frame an informative message which includes how this product or service will solve your prospective customers’ problem?

7. Find the appropriate length: Before making it final, check the following points:

What is the word limit of your ad?

Can you test an advertisement with 30 words or 20?

After this, you can start the cutting process. In this process, read the copy again and again. Remove all the not needed lines. Remove the lines that do not have an appropriate message and keep the lines which are powerful.

8. Incorporate telegraphic speech: Make sure you are using a telegraphic language because it is understandable. One can read it without any disturbance. Thus, rather than writing, “I will mail the circulation figures,” write: “circulation figures”.

Rather than writing,’’ you can grab this offer anywhere’’ write: “grab the offer”.

9. Use Abbreviation wherever needed: There are some abbreviations which can be understood by the prospective customers. Some examples are “B2C” which means business to customers, BL which means backlinks, COB which means the close of business, FTE which means full-time employee, etc.

10. Frame another classified and measure the results: Frame another classified by keeping the same headline & change the offer. Now check the results. When you will check the results then post it in other publications. This way you can check that which headline and publication pulled the maximum results.