5 Simple Ways To Advertise Your Brand On Free Classifieds Advertising In 2019

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5 Simple Ways To Advertise Your Brand On Free Classifieds Advertising In 2019

Free classified advertising is an efficient way to promote products and services online. There is a number of modes through which one can advertise their products or services. One can advertise through pictures, videos or simple audio messages. In the digital era, online classified sites considered as a productive way of advertising. It is a fast and result-oriented way of advertising. Previously, classified advertising was seen in newspapers, magazines etc. But now online classified sites are more popular. They have so many benefits. These benefits help in achieving the desired goal set by the individual.

Below we have mentioned five ways to advertise the brand on free classified advertising.

Have a look!

Online classified advertising: The best method to bring all the services and businesses in the market at a single place is through online classified sites. The online classified sites make it uncomplicated and effortless. It takes a lot of time to look for classified ads in the newspaper. Whereas online classified sites save time and efforts. Online classified sites is a speedy option than traditional classified advertising. They have filter options to categories the ads under one group. If you find filters as a hard task you can search in the popular brands in the search field. The search field includes all the posted ads along with the favorite brand associated with it. Online classified sites provide best and easy options to the customers. Traditional classified advertising is not efficient enough to achieve the set goals of the business.

Tracking the progress through online classified sites

It is mandatory to get yourself register on the online classified sites before posting the advertisement. Choose to sign-up with email ID to get the record of every transact. It will help in getting the record of your progress. Be it selling or buying, it will keep track of everything. It will record all the activities like people who contact you, total ads posted, etc. Websites also verify your contact numbers and email id. This verification increase the credibility of the profile among the users who view your advertisement.

Selection of digital form of a classified platform

Choose a classified site which fulfills the needs and requirements of the business. It doesn’t matter how many categories are formed on the classified website. Choose the one which accomplishes your needs and requirements. There are certain online classified platforms which are proficient in advertising a particular type of product. But equalified.com provides a platform to advertise every kind of items and services to the site. When you are selecting the website, search for different filter alternatives offered by the website. It is better to look for how comprehensive the categories are grouped in the site. If the site is inclusive of all types of categories, it means they have a lot of traffic on the site.

Create an attractive advertisement

Most of the Classified sites offer free services to the people. They don’t charge a single penny until unless you seek extra attention for the posts. These sites charge a certain amount of money for a certain period of time. If you want to advertise your business, make sure you choose more than one site which fits perfect for your business. Posting the ad more than one site helps to gain extra attention from the audience. When you are posting ads on the selected websites, makes sure the service is free of cost. Before posting the ad, read it twice to check the mistakes. Use words which make the ad attractive. Make sure the user read the ad completely and does not move to the next.

Beware of scams

When you post the ad, it is mandatory to post your contact details so that buyers can reach and contact you. Everyone can see your details and contact information. So be careful while revealing the details to everyone. One safer option is to treat the transaction VIA classified sites. Make sure to reveal the bank details after verifying the person.


Online Classified advertising is an easy and faster way to advertise the business. Equalifieds is one of the best platforms which is trusted by millions of people. Any complaints, queries and suggestions are welcome by the customers. Our staff monitored the platform and provide services 24*7.

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