5 Ways To Increase Classified Ad Revenue

hungaefac900 October 22, 2019 No Comments

5 Ways To Increase Classified Ad Revenue

Wondering how to increase classified ad revenue? Data has shown that classified ad revenue increases from $8.7 billion to $723 million which is a 90% growth during the year of 2000 to 2010. With the advent of digital marketing, classified through newspapers, magazine etc has suffered immensely. It is a challenge to encourage classified ad revenue using a brilliant strategy. We are sharing FIVE ways through which you can increase classified ad revenue.

A. Develop a user – friendly classified ad platform: Developing complex classified ad platform can really piss off your customers. Make sure your platform is extremely easy to use so that your customers do not search for instructions. It is important to add links which includes information about your site’s audience, visibility and reach. Your classified ad platform must be a one-stop-shop for the customers. Include categories which are related to the audience. Also, update some examples which are helpful for customers. These examples will help them to frame the ad more accurately.

B. Post tutorial for creating compelling ads: People who will visit the site may not have composed classified ads. It may be their first time. So, it is important to post a tutorial on how to compose a compelling ad? Prepare a brief tutorial which includes all the necessary elements to make the ad attractive and compelling. The tutorial must include things like the importance of images in the ad, the use of abbreviations etc. It will help the users to frame an advertisement which can attract the target audience.

C. Automatic up sell offers for exiguous ads: Make sure if a user is creating an exiguous ad, up sell offer will generate automatically. In these types of ads, ask options for photos or premium attributes so that they don’t find a need to look for these options. It is a great way to increase the abandon rates of the advertisement. There are chances of getting the desired outcomes and minimum ad abandon rate if the user is composing an ad and paying for the advertisement on one user-friendly page.

D. Global Reach through cost-effective Online classified ads: Classified ads are growing in every part of the world. There is no looking back for classified ads industries. For instance, Countries like India or middle east countries usually recruit employees from western countries. The United States has offered an easy and reasonable job board solution Which is helpful in encouraging the employment ad on your classified ad platform. If you are dealing in trade business and have an online platform then this is the best solution for you.

E. Mobile friendly Classified Ad platform: If your classified ad platform is mobile-friendly, it means you have huge traffic on the site. Features like zoom, click or options to create ads etc are useful for mobile users. Be it a mobile version or be it a mobile app, developing a platform for mobile users contribute to the success of the classified ad platform. It is an investment which is worthwhile. In fact, employment classifieds category in mobile-friendly classified ad platform is beneficial because of the browsing routine of unemployed people.

Today, many classified ad platforms are available on the internet. Some of them have well established digital platform. This means, your platform needs to show the strengths of the site like a specific demographic segment or audience who worked in a specific segment. If you are dealing in trade publication websites then it is important yet beneficial to partner with the providers who are hiring for trade publishers. Those who provide the best job board solutions provide revenue sharing offers and network reach. They are helpful in connecting employers of the same trade with the people they are searching for.