Advantages and Disadvantages of Post Free Ads

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Post Free Ads

Today it is little easy to do the promotion of products and services. Previously it is bit costly and wastes so much time. With the help of post free ads, the business owners are getting the benefits of promotion of their products and services. It is a phenomenal way to promote the product or service. There is no limitation as you can post anything to everything which can make a profit. Be it real estate business or finding of jobs. Be it matrimony or education. You can promote every product and service. There are numerous websites that post free classified ads and provide a platform for several business owners who can post their ads.

These platforms provide you the benefit of buying, selling and trading of product or services and they also have their own advantage. Promotion and advertisement of product and service are a bit hard for some businesses. So these free classified websites provide a platform where they can expand their business. Be it a small business or large business. It supports the promotion of goods and services. The whole process is free of cost and also saves your dollars. This platform is the easiest way of promoting the product or services of the business.

These free ads increase the traffic to your website. Previously these ads can be seen in newspapers. But these ads are reachable to the only a limited number of people whereas the ads on the internet have worldwide reached. It takes very less time to write the ad and post on the internet. Unlike newspaper ads, it doesn’t take much time. Every coin has two faces. In the same way, these free ads come with some advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, They are free of cost but they expire after a certain period of time.

Now have a look at the certain pros and cons of Post Free Ads:

Pros of Free Ads:

Cost Effective: Post free ads are free of cost as there are numerous websites which provide you the opportunity to promote and advertise your product and services. The traditional way of classified ads is a bit costly. Those ads cost you money but they do not guarantee the desired results as online classified ads do. These online classified ads abolish the money charged by TV, radios or newspapers. It saves you valuable time and money.

Aiming for the right market: The second advantage of free ads is that they are segmented into certain categories and subcategories. It helps the customers to find the relevant part easily as they do not have to spend extra hours to find the item. It also helps the businesses to post the product in a certain category. For instance, a category like home & living can be organized into other sub-categories like Furnishings & Bed Linen, Bath & Bed Linen, Home Decor, Lamps & Lighting, Kitchen & Table, Storage & Organizers and many others.

Simple to scribble: These free ads do not take much time. They are very simple to scribble. It takes around 20 mins to scribble an ad. But make sure your ad should be creative, appealing and eye catchy so that many people see the Ad and you will get the desired result.

Post-eye-catchy picture: As they say – A picture is worth a thousand words. So, it is very important to post an eye-catching and appealing picture along with the advertisement. The ad becomes more powerful by posting an attractive picture.

Easy to track the performance: The other benefit of using classified ads is that it is easy to track the performance of the Ad. It offers you a platform where you can assess your Ad. You can actually see the number of people who have visited your ad and how many of them actually bought your product or service.

Stand out from the crowd: With classified ads, you have an option to stand out from the crowd because most of your competitors think that this platform is not so efficient. But you have a chance to prove them wrong a taking your business to a much higher place. Classified free ads is a platform for your business to promote and advertise your product or services and grow your business.

Fast response: This platform helps you to find the potential employee and customer you are looking for your product or services. This will not only save your time and money but also help to increase your sale.

Cons of Free Classified Ads

Restricted space: Most of the free ad website provides you restricted space so it is necessary to provide them a place where they can find extra details about your products or services.

Expiry of the ad: These ads comes with an expiry date. Also, there is a lot of competition in this market. So this also results in the disappearing of the post.