Business and Revenue Models of Classified Ad Solution

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Business and Revenue Models of Classified Ad Solution

In this digital world, classified ads are ruling the advertising industry. Product and services are advertising through classified ads. They are more visible among the customers. Don’t you think they are beneficial for the businesses? Well, they help in increasing the customer base which is responsible for the overall growth and success of the business. Any type of businesses can take advantage of classified ads and promote their products or services. Through these listings, businesses can increase their reach.

Business and Revenue Models

The business model of the classified advertising industry is not complicated. Most of the classified businesses offer their services for free. They do not charge a single penny from the sellers. Sellers do not have to pay for the listing of its product or service. So, the question arises that how did they earn? From where they get the income from? Have a look at the below-mentioned points!

1. Revenue from sponsored listings – Sponsored listings are the main revenue-generating source for classified business. If businesses or sellers want to encourage their visibility, they can pay a specified amount of money. This money also comes under the income generated by the classified ads.

2.Revenue generated from Google ads – Google Ad Sense also plays an important part in generating revenue for the classified business. Place Google ads either on the home page or the product page. A new page is created for every new product. This means revenue will also increase.

3.Revenue from Paid Banner Ads– A Classified platform allows sellers or businesses to post free ads for free. They also offer a payment option to display a product or service. They serve as paid banner ads.

4. Revenue from Pay Per View– Page per view is focused on results only. Sellers have to pay a small chunk of money if their ad gets a view. This approach includes less risk.

5. Revenue from Pay Per Lead– It referred to as a specific and targeted business model from all. If an advertisement is converted to a sale, only then money will be generated which means a potential customer will help in generating revenue.

Affiliate Business Model– Affiliate link used on the website is a traditional way to take the customers to their official website. This way sellers can directly sell their product or service on their site. Sale through this way will help you to earn huge amount of money.

Classified Ads Solutions for the Business Integrating some of the important features will help the owners and buyers to complete the task productively. These solutions will help in adapting to the constantly changing market.

1. Efficient Ad Management system (EAMS): This is an efficient system to smooth-en the functionality of classified ads. Listings, ads and orders are systematically managed and they automatically operated to derive the efficiency and accuracy to the business.

2. Compelling schemes of Revenue Generation – Productive and insightful methods are income generation is unavoidable. It is mandatory to select the revenue model by carefully checking all the aspects of the business.

3. Dynamic Admin Panel Solution for Classified ads – Dynamic admin panel has an admin dashboard which acts as the control terminal. This panel provides control on the ongoing processes which will help in managing the business efficiently.

4. Genuine Payment Gateways solution for classified ads – Include a payment gateway for a flawless fund transaction. Paypal, Zazpay etc are the payment gateways are integrated. These integrated gateways provide guaranteed outcomes.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality Solution for Classified ads – This solution is used to hide the information which they do not want to show the outside world. Private data is stored and managed through this solution.

6. Search engine optimized Solution- SEO allows businesses to get more audience for their growth and success. Select the SEO features carefully for the portal.

Conclusion – Classified ad business is an efficient marketplace which provides an idea to achieve the desired goal of the business.

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