Classified Advertising Still Producing Big Money Online

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Classified Advertising Still Producing Big Money Online

The most unappreciated and misapprehend category of ads in the online industry is Classified advertising. Previously, a lot of money is generated through Classified advertising. Traditionally, it was done through newspapers and magazines. Most of the classified ads for jobs, real estate or automobile industry is done through newspapers.

Today, there is a great shrink in this business. This is the reason why advertisers have shifted their focus from printed classified ads to the online classified ads.

But once the business is shifted from offline to online, it gets disappeared for some time. Have you ever thought that what is the reason behind this?

Well, The IAB shares annual and quarterly reports of the current state of online advertising which ranks the five categories in a certain way. Those reports state that:

Search category – 38% of the total, Mobile Category – 25%, Banner Category– 13%, Video Category– 7%, and Classified – 5%.

The reports collected from IAB only shows the reduction in the total revenue and these numbers are considered as vague.

The Revenue of Classified Advertising

If the history of classified ads is evaluated and analyzed, one will observe that these ads were shown as a brief text ad. On the contrary, a display ad contains an image and comes under image format ad. Display ads do not include any graphics as the second one does. The billions of money generated from these ads are not going anywhere or disappeared. They are occupying the place of search and mobile category of IAB reports. Search engines like bing, google etc do search advertising on their platform and partners sites as well. They show a block of three or four text ads except for display graphical ads.

How to earn money from Classified Advertising?

Just do not take the IAB reports seriously. Because it states that classified advertising industry is in a terrible state which is completely untrue. And the truth is, the classified advertising industry is booming. Businesses can earn huge dollars from classified advertising. Classified advertising is displayed in two forms which are as follows:

1. Desktop sites

2. Mobile sites

1. Desktop sites: The ads appeared on desktop sites is a type of display ad which includes one or more than one classified ad.

2. Mobile Sites: The ads appeared on mobile sites is a kind of traditional form. It includes a large list of all the displayed ads which almost fill an entire page.

These ads provide a platform for the publishers to sell or display their unsold inventory. It helps in earning a huge amount of money from these display ads. Businesses can generate extra revenue from classified advertising. These ads do not contain a huge place on the page which is a benefit to sell the inventory through this automated process. It provides a place for an advertiser to display the different – different version during a particular period.

Online Classified advertising is producing big money and provides a platform for businesses to showcase their product or services online. Online classified advertising not only increases sales but helps in producing a big revenue for the business. Do not jiggle your path by reading the IAB reports. Online classified advertising is very much alive and producing big dollars in the market.

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