Effective use of Classified Ads to grow your Business

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Effective use of Classified Ads to grow your Business

Classified ads play an important role if businesses want to advertise their event and want to spread words about their offerings to customers. Having highly targeted customers along with a tight marketing budget, it is a great option to boost your business by using classified advertising.

In this blog post, we have explained about classified advertising and how to get started with these ads.

Classified Advertising

It shows a short and brief advertising message displayed in the offline and online medium. For instance, a print publication like newspapers, magazines or listing websites etc. The classified word introduced as different categories or groups. For instance, real estate listing, car buy, jo posting etc. It is displayed in texts along with some pictures.

The evolved Classified Advertising outlook

Classified are quite popular in print forms. With the advent of online classified advertising, it has slowly strengthened their roots. Now, it has taken precedence over print medium advertising. Qualified is a well-known classified site for listings. Facebook marketplace let the users trade their items. It could be a car, real estate, clothing etc.

Print media is an affordable and useful option to advertise your business locally. Previously, print media was considered as the trusted marketing platform. Most of the businesses provide both offline and online reach to the audiences and gain a huge customer base.

Advantages of Classified adverts for the Business

1. The platform is cost-effective which means it provides you with the opportunity to increase your budget and allows you to buy several ads for frequent exposure. In fact, some websites provide free services for businesses to list their products or services. You only have to pay a small amount to advertise the listings to the top of customers’ feeds.

2. Besides this advantage, it also allows you to get hyper local. For instance, you can concentrate on newsletters, publications, online listings etc. to target them to a specific zip code, city or even neighbourhood.

3. Another advantage of advertising is that the user specifically interested in your ad that way, he is looking for your ad. For instance, a person looking for a job will rea the newspaper to search for employment whereas a person looking for a home will read real estate classifieds to find a new home.

4. It takes less time to create a classified advert. Thus you do not have to spend so much time on it. Make sure it shows some impact on the audience.


Types of categories you can promote through Classified Advertising

1. Recruitment
2. Property
3. Obituary
4. Matrimonial
5. Business
6. Announcements
7. Education
8. Personal

How to write excellent Classified Advertising?

Below are the tips helps in creating excellent classified advertising.

Simple and brief: Classified advertising through print media and online listings have a certain character limit. Keeping the advertising message short has a great impact on the customer. It totally depends on the format. Thus, you have to write a headline, some sentences including the details of the product or service. You do not have to write fancy sentences. Make sure you include who, what, when, where and why related to your offerings which helps to get the point easily.

Editing and Proofreading: It is necessary to check the typo mistakes and spelling errors. If it id not done properly, it can decline the credibility of your company. Make sure sentences are short and simple and free from misspellings and grammatical errors.

CTA and contact details: Call to action and contact details is necessary to provide a medium to the customer to get in touch with you. Contact details must include web link, email address and contact number of the concerned person.

Testing and Tracking of the customer: Classified ads are inexpensive in nature. Posting through online and offline medium provides an opportunity to derive amazing results. Develop a vanity URL or a link with UTM parameters to track the results of the communication occurs through these adverts.