Five simple tactics to earn money through posting Free Classified Ads

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Five simple tactics to earn money through posting Free Classified Ads

Looking for making money through classified sites?

Today, it is quite easy to create our own free online free classified site. You only need to Google and find an authorized platform to develop an online classified directory.If you have developed your own online classified site, numerous resources are present on the internet to help you through the journey.

Internet is a hub of resources where you can find Word Press theme to develop a site for you. Although, developing a website is not a tough task. The major task is to make it sustain for a long time period. A lot of time, money and efforts need to be invested to sustain the classified directory.

With the constant competitive pressure, everyone needs to make additional money. None of them has the idea of how to make that extra money.

In this blog post, we will share the simple ways of earning money through online classified sites. 

Offering a paid Online Classified Submission: One can earn money by offering a paid online classified submission. The classified website consists of an online listing directory with classified posts.

Target customers for online classified sites are segregated into two categories:

(a) People searching for classified listings and

(b) People need to post their classified listings.

You can make a separate pricing schedule for the people who wants to post on the website. They can pay the prices and promote them on your website. This kind of submissions not only assist you to earn money but a helpful content is also added on your site.

Enabling paid sponsored Posts or Guest Post: Running a classified directory along with blogging helps in providing a platform for the guests to allow them to write blogs on your site. These blogs may be about the product explaining its features and personal experience with the product or sponsored reviews.

Having enough traffic for your website provides people with a platform to post content on your site. Thus, paid reviews, posts etc. helps in earning money from these sites.

Displaying Google AdSense & Other Advertisement banners: Another way is to display static sponsored advertisement banners on the site. Leave an advert space within the design of the website to display sponsored ads or Google AdSense. Google AdSense can be integrated into the site easily. It is a way to turn the traffic into a sale and produce huge money through web platforms.

Although, if you are using the display advertisement banners to make money through the web platform, you have to ensure that it does not harmfully impact the experience of the user on the website. Make sure advertisement does not harm the website design and also not overshadow the content on the site.

Highlighting the featured Classifieds Listings on the site: Attention of the audience can be grabbed by highlighting the featured classified listings on the site. They appeared first before any of the listings. Home and category page, both include the listing of same categories.

These highlighted and featured listing has a short duration on the site. You can decide a price for the same according to the duration of the featured listing.

Charge extra charges for additional details: If owners want to include extra information on the classified listing, you can charge more from them. It is a kind of an advanced level technique which required control the web platform on field level to achieve this technique. This field-level monetizing technique enables free submission of the listing for those who need to display extra details on the listing.

A lot of advertising medium like print, brochure, pamphlet etc. are used to make it more effective and promote business. Visual media like TV, YouTube, web page etc. are also used because it uses the sizable amount of investment. Online classified sites are the best option among-st all of them.