How Can Advertising Help Your Business?

hungaefac900 February 5, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever thought, how can advertising help a business? Simply speaking, it helps your business grow. The advantages of small business advertising incorporate attracting new customers and helping you sell more products and services to existing customers. Also, boost profit, too, by helping increase order size.

What Does Advertising Do?

It helps to change outdated or negative perceptions of your business if required. Also help to increase visibility within your industry, which helps you to get partners that can increase the horizon of your business. Indirectly, it helps you grow word of mouth referrals. It works hand in hand. Like, more the new customers you gain through advertising, more word of mouth those customers, in turn, will share with others.

The Benefits of Small Business Advertising

Below points are 13 benefits of small business advertising:

1. Increase Foot Traffic

Advertising in newspapers, magazines, television and radio can help to get more customers in the door for brick and mortar businesses.

2. Generate Leads

For B2B businesses, advertising can increase the sales and help you fetch more leads for your sales force to follow up on.

3. Introduce New Products

Advertising can help launch products with a splash for software or consumer manufacturing businesses.

4. Highlight Product Enhancements

If your business has an existing product or service, it can make the public aware of improvements. Letting the public aware of your innovation can boost sales.

5. Get Traffic to a Web Page

For online businesses advertising can get the people to visit a landing page where you can convert the visitor into a customer.

6. Improve Brand Awareness

Advertising keeps your business top of mind so consumers think of it when they need service. This is especially good for those businesses who provide services. But almost any type of business can benefit.

7. Spread the Word about a Sale or Special Promotion

For all retail business, advertising can make the public aware of a sale or promotion which help to bring more customers in the process.

8. Drive Immediate Online Sales

For e-commerce businesses, advertising with pay-per-click ads can fetch online sales almost quickly. PPC ads can move the buyer to proceed as soon as they see your add and click on it.

9. Lift Brand Image

For businesses in industries bears an outdated or poor perception, advertising can change public opinion producing a more favorable impression.

10. Boost thought Leadership or Industry Profile

Advertising can help if you are a consultant or run a tech company and want to be known for your expertise,. Native ads can promote your content by illustrating your expertise and structuring your reputation as a thought leader.

11. Announce a Store Grand Opening

Use outdoor advertising, newspaper ads or mailers to publicize a new location and fetch more foot traffic.

12. Stand Out from the Competition

For businesses in crowded markets, advertising can set your brand apart.

13. Convert Online “Window Shoppers” into Buyers

Re-targeting or re-marketing ads can remind visitors of your products after they exit your site. This technique is proven to convert more shoppers into buyers. Let’s imagine that someone abandoned a shopping cart in your e-commerce store or simply didn’t buy for some other reason. Re-targeted ads help to remind about the product by seeing an ad days later.