How classified ads are helpful in generating leads?

hungaefac900 August 4, 2020 No Comments

How classified ads are helpful in generating leads?

If you own a business and willing to expand your business by utilising lead generation strategies. You must know about the advantages of classified ads to generate leads. It can boost your lead generation process for your business. If we analyse the digits of, then, last year, an estimated amount of 2.6billion U.S. dollars is spent on digital lead generation advertising in United States.

It has been estimated that by the end of 2023 this amount will reach 3.2 billion with steady growth. Consider classified ads as a golden opportunity to generate more leads to your business. Every business owner must grab this opportunity.

A set of recurrent and periodic activities is followed to attract leads and turn them into your customer. If you understand lead generation properly, the process is easier for you. It is a fast and efficient way to introduce products and services and tell them to your target audience globally.

Your daily visitors or web visitors can become prospective customers by applying lead generation strategy along with classified ads. If you are posting and tracking the classifieds properly, you can end up by having a bag full of leads.

Let’s see how?

Excellent quality of classifieds

If you want to be recognised and protrude, you must build an astonishing advert that one cannot ignore or mute. There is no defined formula for this but there are various proved methods that can upraise the organic reach. Now let’s begin by selecting the right classified ad website, develop an excellent ad and offer new insights to the audience about your offerings.

Be prepared for the competition

Do a proper study or research for your competitors to show your audience that you are better than other brands in the market. Studying them properly can reveal how your competitors are using this classified platform for the welfare of their brand. You will also come to know their target audience. Know how they are approaching and what they are lacking in?

Where you can post classified ads?

Before posting anywhere, you must know the importance of selecting the right website for the business. You must research different platforms and also learn about their primary focus. Their primary focus may be real estate, general classifieds, jobs etc. For instance, your niche market is a real estate and you want to get lead generation in the mentioned niche.

You can begin by finding a place where you can find for real estate classifieds. Do not select characteristics of the website over the niche they choose. You can also begin with multiple websites as an experiment and measure the results. After that, narrow down the options and post on the sites that provide better lead generation funnel.

Focused Content

For a lead generation business, you must post brief and targeted content on the classified ads. Also, provide all the useful information which includes contact details, Email, website details etc. This is used to follow up the lead generation process effectively and efficiently.

Use a simple and eye-catching title. Limit the word use from four to six words if required. The title is the first thing which can make or break the lead. As they say – the first impression is the last impression.

Follow the below simple tips:

1. Do not publish promotional ads
2. Concentrate on how customers will benefit from your product or service?
3. Provide them offers and discounts


Develop some template with unique designs, messages and text and publish them at the same time. You can track the sites producing leads ad concentrate on publishing on those sites. These templates help in testing ads to estimate the engagement.

Publishing the Ads

You can organise and publish the templates regularly on various classified websites which gives good results. Track their traffic and progress. Build a schedule and tell your team for further follow-up. Publish a post on the websites having good traffic, good web presence and trustworthy terms and conditions.