How Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic to a Website

hungaefac900 January 14, 2020 No Comments

How Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic to a Website

Social media is a great source of driving traffic to the website. Social media not only help in advertising but also helps you to establish an online business. You can showcase your products or services online and advertise them across the globe. There are various ways through which social media drive tremendous traffic to your website.

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Add your Website’s link in all the Social Media Profiles: It is important to add your websites’ link in all your social media profiles. Customer can directly land to your website while checking your social media profile. Thus, placing a link in the social media profile not only helps in driving traffic but also plays a great role in search engine optimization.

Impact of Hashtags: Use appropriate hash-tags while posting on social media. Hashtags make the post easily discover-able by the people. Hashtags increase engagement.

The Effective use of Social Media Advertising: There are a number of social media pages and users activated on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. That means you have a good opportunity for potential customers who can see your post and visit your website. But, a user follows so many pages. It is not possible that every time you post something on social media will be visible to every follower you have. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc have a certain algorithm which keeps on changing. It is better to take advantage of social media advertising in which you have to spend some money but is an effective way to reach your potential audience.

Allow your Audience to share your post with others: Whatever you post on facebook must be properly configured. Your post must be formatted correctly social so that the user can share your content without any hassle. Your social media page must have all the required social media buttons in the posts because it is ignored by most of the people.

Do include images in your Social Media posts: Every post on social media platforms enables you to post an image with it. So, why not taking advantage of it? You can post images, videos, gifs etc with the post. They make the post more shareable and attractive.

Add link in all the Social Media posts: It is also important to add a link in every social media post. Make sure your posts have an appealing title, short description about the post, an eye-catching picture and then place a link in the end.

Do not over Advertise your Products or Services: Customers do not always want to read about the advantage and importance of your products or services. They might get bored with it. Make sure your posts are interesting and helpful for the customers. Out of 5, at least 4 should be about the interest of the audience and one is about the benefits of your products or services.

Effective use of blogs: Write blogs related to your products or services and share them on facebook. This way, you can drive the traffic to your website and increase the engagement on your social media page. Your content must be relevant and helpful for the customers.

Management of Social Media profiles: It is important to manage your social media accounts. No matter how good your content and post is. If you do not have a good number of followers, those posts are of no use. Proper management of social media accounts gets you more followers. It may take enough time but you have to track of who is following you, who to follow and who is following you back.


The above-written ways will help you to increase the engagement on the website. The appropriate use of social media not only helps in advertising the product or services but derives huge traffic on the website.