How to make Money Posting Classified ads – Business -USA

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How to make Money Posting Classified ads – Business -USA

Everyone in the world desires to make money and what if it comes easily to you?

You must be thinking that it is a bluff and not a blog post but it’s so not true.

Many people want to make money on the Internet but don’t know what exactly to do or which website they can use to earn real money online. If you’ve found yourself in this kind of situation, then you need to sit back and relax, as I explain to you, one of the ways I make money online.

In this blog post, I will be sharing the secret process of making real money by classified ads online.
I highly recommended this to you, if you would like to make money from your own home with little or zero investment.

To get started, you will have to sign up at a site where you can post ads for free. Thereafter, you have to wait for people who will be calling or emailing you interested in you ad. Once they get in touch with, you can close the deal and make money with almost no effort.

The question is what kind of ads or Which Ads?

Well, it can be an ad for anything. It can be an ad for:

Unwanted items you don’t use anymore like your used phone, electronics, furniture, shoes, old books etc.

Services you can render and earn like writing for blogs, website design, painting, phone/PC/ car repair, fashion design, bridal makeup, cake baking, email blasting, online hype/BBM broadcasts, private tutor etc.

Products of other people Like for instance ad of a land for sale or a house for rent in your neighborhood. The ads could be for phones, electronics, furniture that people are willing to sell in your locality. You need to simply identify people or business owners with products in your locality and place ads of their products online. When a buyer contacts you, you get the product from the owner, sell it, pay the owner and keep your profit.

The list of kinds of ads you can post is endless. You just have to think, think and think…

Below listed are some tips you must keep in mind while posting ads to actually people coming and contacting you:

1. Sign up with a real name and post real images of products. In case of services write a clear but brief description of what you do and why another person must hire you.

2. Sign Up using a valid E mail Address.
These days the algorithms are smart enough to recognize either the mail is authentic or not. Try accessing the email from your smart-phone ad people hate waiting when they don’t get the reply to their emails.

3. Use Catchy titles to describe your ad. The title should be catchy but clear too which a person would understand and would click in your ad.

4. Re-post your ads twice a week. (once on a weekday and once on a weekend)
If you’re posting an ad for an online service which you can render from anywhere, you can consider posting such ads in popular towns on the classified site.

I hope you ready now to earn money by posting online ads, so what are waiting for. Go and sign up today!

Happy Posting!

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