How to Post a Small Business Ad on Equalifieds

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How to Post a Small Business Ad on Equalifieds

There are so many classified ads platform available for small businesses which can help them to advertise their products and services. Equalifieds is one of the platforms which is popular in small businesses to promote their businesses. As per the survey, there are more than 50 million users in America who are using this platform for advertisement purposes. The benefit of using equalifieds platform by the small businesses is that it helps in advertising the product and services of the business locally as well as globally.

This means that you do not have local users and international users as well which will directly assist you in increasing the sale of the business. The ultimate goal is to increase sales and grow the business. Equalifieds possesses an option “services offered” where you can place your ad. If you are starting your new business, you obviously want to target prospective clients and customers. You also want to spend less money on it.

Obviously, it is just the beginning of the business and you don’t want to invest huge at the moment. For them, Equalifieds offers a special section where you can publish the ad, advertise your product & services and grow your business. This online gay classified ads platform fosters the small businesses to uplift their sale of the business by spending too little money. They also provide local advertisement for the businesses. This option is separate in the website which you can browse on your own.

Before moving further in the process, you have to create an account. After signing up, you will find a dashboard where you will find some basic instructions related to the classified ads. These instructions will guide you to insert the classified ad in the right place. The expiration period of the ad will be 45 days.

Following is the step-wise guide to post a small business ad on Equalifieds:-

Step 1: 

The first step is to browse After arrival on the website, find “cities” and click it to post an ad in the desired location. You can choose the location where you want to publish the ad.

Step 2: 

In the next step, find the option “Post to classifieds” which is located at the left side of the web-page. Click “post to classified” and you will be directed to “log in to your account”. Now you have to make an account so that you can post the classified ad. Enter your correct email address and password. Make sure you have entered the correct information. Now click “log in” option.

Step 3: 

After clicking the login option, you will be directed to “service offered” option. Click service offered and then click continue. You will then find an option “Small Biz Ad” which means the type of ad. After this, click the continue option again.

Step 4: 

Now you will find an option where you have to write the exact location of your business. But if you have a business which runs online only then it is not necessary to fill the blank.

Step 5: 

Before posting the ad, choose a suitable title for the post. For instance, the title can be the name of the business. This title is followed by an informative description of the product or service you want to advertise to your customers.

Step 6:

After formulating the title and description, you will find an option “anonymize” which will cover your email id address with the short term Equalifieds email id address. This Equalifieds email id address saves you from the spammers who can pick your email id address and use it for their own benefit. But if you do not want privacy, then you can choose and another option which is “show”. This option will not hide your email address and users can contact you directly.

Step 7: 

Next part is the detailed and correct description of the product or service you want to advertise.

Also, you have to include your contact number (Business) and hours of operation in the description. This additional information helps you to create trust among the customers. After formulating the description, click “continue” option.

Step 8: 

If you want to add the suitable picture of the product or service then you can click on the “browse” option. After clicking it, you will see the “open” option where you will choose the picture and upload it. You can add eight pictures for an ad. After uploading all the pictures, click “done with the images” option.

Step 9: 

In the last step, you will find the option “Continue”. Click on the option. You will find this option on the verification page. This page takes your confirmation to finally post the ad. You will see the option “edit text”. If you want to edit the ad, you can click on this option.

The above-mentioned steps are easy to use. Online gay classified ads are a perfect option for small businesses to promote their business. They provide a local and international market at a lower cost.