How to Use Classifieds to Increase Sales and Promote Your Small Business

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How to Use Classifieds to Increase Sales and Promote Your Small Business


Potential customers are the need of every business owner. They want to put its products or services in front of their potential customers. Although, many traditional ways are costly. Because not everyone can buy TV ADs when they are just starting up the business. But you don’t have to worry much. Because it is still possible to successfully advertise your business without spending a lot of money.

You don’t have to pass up this simple way to produce more sales for your business. Most of the business makes a good living producing sales using only classified ads. Classifieds existed before the internet. Many classified ads are available in print and online as well.

You would be surprised how many people are dependent on inspecting their local classifieds. I’ve met many people who are using classified to produce sales and continuously check ads. During my lunch hours, the first thing I did was pick up the free classifieds to scan them while I ate.

Previously, there were several printed ads such as Thrifty Nickel and Pennysaver plus the local newspaper and local free magazines covering lifestyle, alternative health, real estate, and horses. Local coupon books were also common. Printed ads are also available online.

Online Only Classifieds

Probably, many of you will immediately think of and I have seen strong sales produced there. If you opt Craigslist for running the ads, just be sure to read the guidelines first. There are many users whose life seems to revolve around getting ads taken down for no reason. Focus on how-to articles on how to keep your ads live or plan to have to relist frequently.

Craigslist is not the only game online. If you are selling to a niche audience, opt classifieds specific to your audience first. You search online but also take a close eye locally. There are many online classifieds sites which provide free text ads and charge for upgrades such as images, colored text, and borders. Similarly, offline classifieds charge.

Concentrate on your target audience. For instance, if you are selling horse related products concentrate on the sites which are specific to horses and advertise in local free magazines. Also, consider breed magazines and those with a giant readership such as Western Horseman.

In auto-related niche, go for classifieds related to car sales, parts and accessories. If it is gardening, concentrate on garden related sites. You get the idea.

Local Classifieds

You always have to look for local classifieds, especially when you have a strong local presence or it is less expensive to shop locally. Classifieds are already mentioned so there are classified sites that are particular to cities and countries.

For instance, OLX has a presence in multiple countries. Their Bangladesh free ads site and OLX India are strong.

Also, they are expanding to other countries. Go for local print ad opportunities and search online for your niche plus local cities, counties, or geo-targeted areas such as DFW (Dallas Ft Worth) or Waco-Temple-Killeen (three cities that are often mentioned together). In the northeast where states are small, there are sometimes Tri-State groupings.

Advertising Strategy

You have to consider running free ads on many sites and tracking your results. You have to use different landing pages so you can track your traffic. In print ads provide a coupon or code so you can tell which ads produce responses. Once you get what sources produce results, concentrate on those sources.

You can test different ad titles and text. Also, if you run images test those.. We can understand a lot from direct mail marketers which is so expensive that they became experts at testing their mailings and ameliorating their conversions.

There are several people who can produce large incomes through running ads in print classifieds. Most of the small businesses survive by running ads on niche-specific sites. You can create new landing pages by using a blog. This way, you can run each ad to a different page. That way if one of your ads do well you can use that page and that ad as a starting point to improvement.

Understanding the Basics

If you get the sequence of events you can build more compelling ads. The title’s job is to understand your ad read.

It is important to get more viewers on your landing page and It is your ad’s job to get it done (or to make a call or send an email).

You can grab more attention through the title on your landing page and it will keep them on the page.

Your landing page job is to get the conversion (a sale, a call, a subscriber). It is important that when you write, each sentence must grab the reader’s attention. Success needs learning to test ads and landing pages. Conversion testing is necessary to continually uplift your sales.