Ideas and opportunities to build Online Classified Ad Business

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Ideas and opportunities to build Online Classified Ad Business

It has been already proved that the right advertising of products or services results in the better reach and visibility of the business. The businesses also have shifted their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. This clearly shows that online classified will be high in demand. Businesses can adopt this advertising option because of its reasonable pricing.

Expectations from Online Classified Sites

Online classified sites such as equalified, gumtree etc have shown immense success. Their success helps to synergies the businesses into the niche market. It has been estimated that the classified market will grow at CAGR 24% during FY’2016-FY’2020.

Recently, Facebook also had started a facebook marketplace where people can discover or buy, sell the items within their local community. It is quite evident that advertising plays a remarkable role in any type of businesses. The businesses which are operated digitally can’t deny the fact that advertisement plays an exceptional part in ameliorating the online presence and exposure of the businesses.

Businesses need to take care of certain things to acquire a reliable future in the online classified business. Have a look at the below-mentioned points.

1. Customize the classified site to achieve the maximal efficiency

2. Integrate social media platforms

3. .Better search

4. Focus on a restricted area

5. The loading time of the website must not be less than 3 seconds

6. Concentration on the objective and needs is compulsory

The future of Automated Advertising

With the demand for high efficiency and perfection, human work is less appreciated which gives leads to the more use of machines. This gives rise to the approach of automated advertising. Most of the businesses use this approach.

How to implement Automated Advertising?

Let’s take the example of the robotic industry. In recent times, robots are working on surgeries and also offering all kinds of medical assistance. Currently, Monetary based algorithms and Ad-performance based algorithms are the two main ways which are used for automating the advertisement.

Impact of Automated advertising on the Classified Business

Automated advertising has a great influence on business. The algorithms help in optimization of the ads which increase the CTR of the advertisement. It helps in reducing CPC and store the dollars for the later use. Do not worry about losing money because monetary-based algorithm helps in changing the bids so that you can reach to the required return on investment.

How to start a Classified ad Business?

Starting a classified business is not a tough task. You just have to follow below mentioned simple steps.

Pick an unexplored niche

Before moving further, you need to choose a niche which is untapped but has enough engagement. The benefit of choosing the untapped niche helps in avoiding heavy competition in the market. Because it is not easy to compete with big players in the market like Craigslist etc.

Develop a Classified Ad Site

The next step is to develop a classified Ad site so that customers can commence and finish their operations. The whole operation process creates a great influence on decision making. While creating an online classified site, one must take care of multiple things. Be it a UI/UX or Search engine optimization. During the development process, each and everything is important as the platform can not afford inadequacy.

Procuring the desired Traffic to the website

Now, this comes under the search engine optimization concept. Developing a classified Ad website is not enough for the business. The site needs some visitors or engagement to create traffic on the website. It is futile if the website is not deriving any traffic. Thus, the use of effective advertising, marketing strategies etc is mandatory. It will increase the visibility and reach of the classified site.

Use Monetization Strategies

After deriving some traffic on the site, you can use some monetization strategies to monetize and platform. This is helpful to earn money from it. There are several ways like Featured ads, membership packages, banner ads etc.

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