Simple Ways to get more visitors to your Classified Ads website

hungaefac900 August 11, 2020 No Comments

Simple Ways to get more visitors to your Classified Ads website

There is no hidden popularity of classified ads websites. People are well aware of its benefits. They shop online through these websites. One can find and buy a million types of products here. It is not a tough task to launch a classified ad site. The only problem people face is to fail in achieving the desired result.

Do you know the reason behind this?

Do not worry!

In this blog post, we will share various factors that contribute to achieving better results.

Below are the activities related to the website’s Structure

Categories: Choosing the right category structure for the classified ad site is a challenging task. It is your duty to make sure that ads categories have a lucid and user-friendly layout so that it is easy for people to publish the items an appropriate section. This will help the search engine to index the website accurately. Make sure everything is easily recognizable and easy to find.

If you fail to do so, the visitor will leave the site in no time. It will take time to develop an appropriate structure of the category. No matter you are beginners or an experienced one. Make sure you take some time to consider how to create a lucid and logical category structure.

It is best to start with a smaller number of categories and then increase them over time. You can also start with some basic categories. Also, if you have many categories on the site and most of them are not useful or empty, you can exclude them.

Locations: Locations plays an integral part in the functioning of the site. Choose a specific market, for instance, automobile in XYZ location. It is best to create the latest solutions in a location like Google maps etc. You can begin by concentration on the appropriate location structure. Start with one district or region or city. You can begin step by step.

Search engine optimisation: If you want to increase the rank in search engine like Google, SEO is the best option. Everyone wants their site at a higher rank on the google page. It is the best method to promote your website. It is a complicated task to develop a website. While developing and implementing the site, you must plan the type of content you are going to post.

Keep in mind the type of keywords you are going to post. It is quite easy to run a blog site. Next thing you must consider is the link building and image SEO.

Content: Whether you are creating new content or editing the existing one, it is important to optimise the content to increase the google ranking. You have to study for it and work on copywriting and so many other factors. You have to research the proper content and find the right keyword. Make sure the structure of the URL is user friendly and SEO friendly.

Keyword database: You have to carefully analyse the keyword database and check the keywords used by competitors.

Below are the two aspects which help in increasing the traffic on the website:

1. Offering free access to several actions on the classified site. It enables specific ads without any charges.
2. Build a simple design of the site for the visitors.

Other Activities are as follows:

Promotion through Social Media: Promoting through social media is necessary nowadays. It increases traffic on the site and enables you to attract the users fastly. It is a great source to derive huge traffic to the site. Make sure you manage your social media because it shows the reflection of your site.

Advertising: You should consider the cheapest way of advertising and those are classifieds sites, social media or Google AdWords. Also, advertisement through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gives amazing results.

There are so many other ways through which you can create and advertise your sites. You cannot predict which strategy will work best for you. It depends on a number of ways like competitor status, market situations etc.