Top 4 Revenue streams for Free Classified Sites

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Top 4 Revenue streams for Free Classified Sites

Free classified platforms are available to everyone but they are present in a certain sense. One can post for free in free classified sites. But on the back end, one has to pay some amount of charge. This is not a major problem because the amount is minimal in comparison to the amount spent on promotion to advertise your products or services in the market.

Although, in spite of these minimal charges, these classified sites are considered as free. Well, it’s maybe because we don’t have a suitable word in our dictionary. The realm of social media has increased the popularity of free classified sites.

The process of earning revenue through classified sites is increasing and has become more reliable.

1. Social media plays an important part in deriving the opportunities for free classified sites. The area of social media varies. It can be as small as classified ads and as large as trade networks. There are various famous web platforms which provide online classified monetisation available to everyone.

We will share some examples but you have to keep in mind that these networks require to earn money to operate. They do not charge much money. It is because trade and networking are enough to earn money for them.

2. Various popular newspapers and classified advertisement in magazines are the revenue streams for a long time. From the time newspapers were distributed, it has become a large business. The buy and sell rate is increasing swiftly and the internet is proved as a valuable medium for this.

Now we need to find new revenue streams for free classified sites. We have a chance to take benefits from several online services which are providing a platform for social trading. Technology has moved to the level where buying and selling of goods have become simpler and easier. Paypal and internet banking has resolved online payment issues.

Craigslist.Org: This is the best site to upraise the free classified revenue. Craig Newmark started the platform. It is based in San Francisco and has grown its business in 700 sites in united stated and other nations as well. Their online platform is language friendly to german, Spanish, French etc. One can post about their products or services for free. One of the leading free classified site in America providing free access to their clients. One can find a huge number of product listing and reach their target customer. It is a powerful and potential way to generate revenue. This is a sophisticated platform with zero issues on its web platform. There are more than 80,000 sites present, but oodles have established its place in the top sites. It fuels up the classified segment from the social media sites, for instance, Facebook etc. It is started in 2005 with the aim of focusing on the safety of clients and the prevention of any deception. They have around 17 million active listings along with 2.7 million active users.

Online classified monetization is fully open now. It was not like this before. It serves social media trading and hence become an inseparable part of the economy of the whole world. This site also provides various revenue opportunities. They monitor all the posts to make sure they are including only the legitimate posts which are true and free. This platform is established in 2007 and owned by eBay. They have started their journey from Canada and now have 10 million users.

They have millions of listing of goods and services. You will only find top quality sales of products and services. This made it a great revenue stream for free classified.

In this article, we have included the list of top revenue streams for free classifieds. If you want to know more about it or about its implementation and optimisation, you can freely contact our team.