Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing has become the talk of the town. It is a continuous question that which marketing strategy is providing the wider reach and high return on investment. Advertisers are continuously dealing with this dilemma. But it is quite clear that Digital marketing is winning the rounds in the market. For small businesses, Digital marketing is the best option to advertise their products and services in a budget.

Traditional marketing media includes Notices, Hoardings, Announcements, Handouts, TV, Radio, Print media, Newspapers, Magazines etc.

Digital Marketing media includes web platforms, Search engine optimization, PPC, social media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter etc.



It is important to choose the right and effective advertising strategy to market your product or services for your business. Choose a budget-friendly advertising strategy to ensure potential customer and wider reach. Below are the points which will help you to decide which advertising method is best for your business.

Cost: The cost of traditional advertising media such as TV, radio, print ads, newspapers, magazine etc are more than digital marketing. Advertising through digital media is quite affordable. Traditional advertising includes a certain package to run an advert under the plan which is very expensive.

Print media is very costly. Also, you can not rectify the mistake once printed. There are various digital marketing techniques which are free of cost. A single post on social media can reach a wider potential audience. You can also make changes in the advertisement after posting.

Results of the Advertisement: There is a long wait to see the actual results of Traditional advertising. You have to wait for weeks or even months for the actual results in the business. The case is opposite to digital marketing. Once you start posting in social media, you don’t have to wait for long to see the results of digital marketing. You can measure the results and determine the return on investment for the business.

Traditional Advertising Media includes telemarketing, Print media like newspaper, magazines ads, newsletters, brochures etc, Broadcast media such as TV and radio, Direct mail like postcards, catalogues, etc.

Digital Advertising Media includes Web platforms, Social media platforms, Content marketing, Banner Ads, Google Ads, Online video marketing etc.

Quick Analytics of the Advertising Techniques: You can calculate analytics of Traditional advertising. In digital marketing, it is easy to calculate analytics of running an ad campaign. It is simple to perform and give quick results. One can see which technique is working for them and which is not. Google analytics gave analytics of basic trend in the market, traffic to the web platform, transformation rate, bounce rate, visitors etc.

Tracking: You can not track Traditional marketing. If you want to evaluate the viewers and their communication, there are other methods which need a lot of time and effort. For instance, we have to make a summary of the driven results which is time-consuming. The results of Digital marketing is easy to track. You can check google analytics to see the results of the ad campaign. It does not require a lot of hard work. Social media is another form of digital marketing which is mostly free and result-driven.

Conclusion: It is very important to have an understanding of putting the advertisement at the right place. Also, which advertisement is working best for your business and which is not. This way you can increase the profit. Traditional marketing results are difficult to measure whereas digital marketing results can be measured easily. You can easily check who has visited your site, purchased your product or service etc. The easy tracking of digital marketing efforts helps in increasing the profit and achieving desirable results.