What is Advertising? 10 Most Prominent Types of Online Advertising

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What is Advertising? 10 Most Prominent Types of Online Advertising

Advertising definition and its common forms and types

It is kind of marketing where products or services of a business are marketed and promoted in such a way that it creates an interest in the eye of prospective buyers for a time period which totally depends upon the scope of the advertised product or service.

Online advertisements are divided into two parts:

1. Paid online advertisement, and

2. Free online Advertisement

Now we will discuss the types and forms of advertisement in brief. There are various types of the online advertisement but we are going to share some of the main types. Below are some of the main types of online advertisements.

Have a look!

1. Online Banner advertisement: The traditional and most common type of advertising on the internet is by displaying banners on the websites. Earlier, this type of advertising was thriving because no one knows and aware of the other ways of advertising on the internet. Also, it was easily available, effective and simple. It still not vanished. It has narrowed and evolved its form a bit to match with the new reforms of the internet industry.

2. Search Engine Advertisement: This is the most widely used effective and efficient advertising tool present on the internet. It is a paid form of advertising but you only have to pay whenever any customer visits your websites. The most common tool used in this advertisement is Google Adwords. This helps to increase the traffic to your website. This tool is used by business to carry out the online advertising campaign. This platform also offers customization which is done on the basis of time, space, money, AdWords, etc and earn the profit.

3. Social Media Advertising: Most of the people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google+, etc. They spent so much time on these platforms. Thus every company has opened a fan page on these platforms to reach wide customers. These pages help to connect with the customers and deliver information about their products or services. These platforms also offer paid advertising which can be customized according to the requirement. You can even see the analytics and results of the performed ad campaign.

4. Advertising through Emails: Most of you may consider it as an old fashioned and futile way of marketing. But it’s not. You haven’t done your research well. In fact, it is one of the best ways of advertising. It requires effective planning and execution so that you can temp the customers towards your products and services. If done properly you can earn huge profit.

5.Local Search Engine Advertising: This is one of the best forms of advertising as it offers the relevant and filtered leads by alluring local customers. These leads are easy to convert into prospective customers and increase the sales data. This is because you are offering the products or services in their local area. These products and services are accessible to local people. Thus it is the most reliable type of advertisement.

6. Video Advertising: This type of advertising gain more interest among the customers than any other type. It is because people like to watch the information in videos which provides a clear idea about the product or service offered. There are many video social sites which are popular among people like Netflix, youtube, etc. This way they get thousands and millions of subscribers to their channels. These platforms are free and paid as well. It depends upon your budget whether you want to use free or paid.

7. Advertisement through Content Marketing: Content is king! You must’ve heard of this saying over the internet. And it’s true. You can attract thousands of customers through your artistic content. Over the past few years, blogging has gained a lot of craze among the youngsters. After that companies also realized the importance of meaningful content. Thus unique content on the website not only increase the traffic on the website but also increase the rank.

8. Advertising through free ebooks, PDF and Word files: One word that gets the attention in fraction second is “FREE”. Who doesn’t love free stuff? And this is the strategy used by several companies. Just like this offer, many companies offer some free content stuff to their customers like free ebooks, PDFs, and word files. This can bring you some loyal customers.

9. Advertising through Blogs: There are several ways to advertise your brand through Blogs. Likewise, you can get sponsored comments on your displayed blogs. You can even utilize forum posting and hire some paid bloggers who can review your products. These tools are not only cost effective but draws huge traffic to the web pages.

10. Advertising through Affiliate Marketing: It requires a group of affiliate marketers who can product or services to their own customers. You have to pay them only if the customers buy the product or service from them. You don’t have to do anything. The whole activities are carried out by affiliate marketers.