What is Classified Advertising and how it helps to grow your Small Business?

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What is Classified Advertising and how it helps to grow your Small Business?

An advertisement in the form of a message which is placed in newspapers, periodicals, magazines etc. is called classified advertisement. They are group under the specific heading which are designated as classification. There is another term called online classified advertising.

It can be done through social media, web platforms etc. You can post an online classified advertising from a tablet or a smartphone. It is an economical way of advertising the product and services of the small business. Small businesses can use this medium to target their potential customers and maximizes their customer reach.

It is a great way to tell about your products and services to the world. Large businesses can take advantage of both offline and online medium of classified advertising.


Have a look at the different kinds of Classified Advertising:

Regular Classified Advertisement

1. Includes normal text advertisement
2. Charging amount based on per letter or line or column
3. Include a wide column
4. Do not include any graphics

Classified Display Advertisement

1. Include a logo or a visual image
2. Include a border surrounding the text
3. Costlier than the regular classified advertisement
4. Charging amount based on per column centimetre or per square centimetre

Display Classified Advertisement

1. Expensive from all kind of advertisements
2. Has the maximum impact on the customers
3. 3cm is the Minimum size of the advertisement
4. Size of the height and width varies
5. One can choose the color of the display classified advert

Kind of Online Classified Ads

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Re-marketing
3. Pay Per Click
4. Native Advertising
5. Video Ads
6. SEM & SEO
7. Social media
8. Online Display advertising


Benefits of Classified Advertising

Save valuable Time and Money: Radio, TV ads, print etc., is an expensive way of advertising and marketing the product and services of a business. It is a lot more difficult for small businesses. Advertising through online classified advertising a lot easier and economical way. There are so many classified platforms present on the internet who are selling their services for free.

There is no need to develop an ad by yourself or pay to the creative agencies to create an advertisement for you. It is an extremely easy process to create a short copy of the ad and send it to your contacts. If you need to create a complex ad, there are various publications and web platforms that offer assistance for the same.

Wider reach: Another benefit of using classified advertisement is to solely concentrate on the business area of interest. It helps in reaching more and more potential customers who are actually interested in your products or services.

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc., can be utilized for the wider reach of the business. Post product or service related ads and shoot them to the desired location and target potential customers.

People all over the world can see your ad and post a query for the same. Businesses can do this for free of cost. There are many paid services offered by various platforms which have surprising benefits for the business. People who do not want to travel or open a separate business at another location can take advantage of the online classified medium to wide the reach of their business.

Accessibility: The advertisement through radio, TV, print has great results but it does not guarantee that the ad is visible to the potential customers. You cannot analyse or keep track of the advertisement. For instance, your electrical appliances are not working properly and you need to contact an electrician. Will you turn the radio or Tv on to hear the ad instead go for an online search.

Easy Contact with the Customers: Various classified services enable the customers to contact directly to the advertisers through their web platform. It means that customers who are searching for the product or service you are offering can directly send an inquiry through your website.