What is Internet Marketing and its several forms? What are their Advantages?

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What is Internet Marketing and its several forms? What are their Advantages?

Internet Marketing: Advertising products or services through the internet is called internet marketing. Pay per click, email marketing, blogging etc are the type of internet marketing through which promotion is done on the internet. Internet marketing provides an opportunity to reach a wider number of audiences to build awareness of the brand. You can also keep a track on the result of the promotion.

Different forms of Internet Marketing

There are different types of internet marketing. You must know about these types so that you can implement the right one for your product or services.

Have a look at the different types of Internet Marketing!


Online Web Platforms: They represent the online products or services of your business. You can control the activities on your website. Only you have the control to render or making the platform obsolete. Blogging is also done through websites.

SEO: Search engine optimization makes your website and content optimized and ranks your website on the top. It makes the web platforms more accessible to your potential customers. Taking the web platform at the top helps in getting more clicks on the website.

Search engine Marketing: SEM is little different from SEO. Search engine marketing is performed through search engines. Google Adwords is done through search engine marketing. SEM is more powerful than SEO.

Online Landing pages: It helps in converting your potential customers into a sale. Interested customers will click the link. But that doesn’t mean they will buy the product. You can create a discount or festival discount landing page and post that link on the Facebook page.

Email marketing: The email list of your customers will help in building the awareness of your brand. You can send an email regarding the new product or services launched by the business. Your customer’s list will receive fresh knowledge and regular updates. You can also communicate with them directly on the mail.

Social media marketing: There are different ways through social media is used for advertising and promotion of the products and services. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for influencer marketing. These social media platforms also serve free services for the business. You can advertise globally and reach a wider number of customers.

Pay-Per-Click: PPC is somewhat like banner advertisements. PPC can be done through search engines, social media, etc and you have to pay for each click. Setting up the right amount for the budget is also important.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing includes a commission which one has to pay to the people who send customers to buy your products or services.



Wider reach: You can search for anything on the internet and it will give you results in no time. In the same way, you can utilize this platform and post anything on the internet. Your customer can find the required knowledge over the internet. Through the internet, you can target a wider number of people.

Increase following on the social media pages: This is a myth that only famous personalities, activists, etc have a huge following. But this is completely false. Your online marketing strategies will help you to get more followers on social media platforms. This will help the customer to make the customer aware of the products or services.

Tracking the progress of marketing efforts: It is not possible to keep a track of Offline marketing. Online marketing helps in tracking and evaluating the results of marketing strategies. You can change the strategy anytime you find it is not working. Your strategy must fulfill the goals set by the business.

Branding: Branding is the image of your business you want to show it to the world. Whatever you post on the website or social media platforms is going to represent your brand on the internet. You can attract a wide number of the customer which can strengthen the image of your brand.