What is Native Advertising? What are the types of Advantages of Native Advertising?

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What is Native Advertising? What are the types of Advantages of Native Advertising?


It is mostly utilized by social media platforms. They do not appear as ads appeared on website like display ads etc. It is a kind of paid media which is appeared in content form. Whenever you visit social media posts or web pages, you find Sponsored Posts, Promoted Stories, or Recommended posts for you. When you click them, you are directed to a website. They are native adverts.

Most of the marketers are unaware of the advantages of Native advertising. Let’s dive in the advantages of native advertising.

Control the published posts: Marketing is different. You have no idea who will see your post first and who doesn’t. But when it comes to Native marketing, the format is different. In this marketing, whatever content you post will be visible to the chosen audience. This kind of marketing will help the businesses to target a particular group of audience.

Grab the attention of the target audience: The approach of native advertisement is smooth and to the point. It does not make a loud and bold appearance in the market. The audience is always interested and excited to see the offerings of native advertisement. You must know this advantage while curating strategies for the product.

Offer a wider reach: It offers a wider reach for your product or service. This is only possible if you are offering an informative, relatable and engaging content to the audience. This will help in grabbing the interest of the audience and keep them engaged with the content. This content will help in targeting the right audience for your product. Try this and you will get some amazing results.

Boost brand recognition: Brand recognition is one of the main reason marketer opts for native advertisement. Brand recognition helps the businesses to make them aware of your product so that audience recognize your product, product logo, company name etc. This is the best method to make the audience aware of your product or service.

Marketers must know about these advantages. Read them, understand them and utilize them in a way to get great results.

Kinds of Native Advertisement Listings

Today, it is difficult to understand the difference between original content and sponsored content. Thus, this advertisement helps in getting the interest of the customer in the product. Sometimes people get irritated from these ads. But, these adverts are generic ways which are utilized according to the thought process of the audience.

Have a look at the kinds of Native Adverts:

SPONSORED CONTENT: You have to carefully observe the difference between average content and native adverts. Native ads will help to focus only on those products which you are interested in. Let’s say, you are reading a blog about the affordable laptops and link placed in the blog will direct you to that ecommerce website. That means the blog is not only offering you the required information but also direct you to the website which sells the required product. These types of blogs are articulated to provide the information and promote the products. It is one of the best promotional strategy adopted by marketers. Every click on the link pays the marketer.

BRANDED CONTENT: If brands are paying you to feature branded content is the best thing you can ask for. The publisher gets the content from the brand and clicks just one key to make it visible to the world. This is only possible if the brand has more viewers than the other brands. Editorial content is different than branded content. Branded content includes the brand name like Red Bull energy drink.

RECOMMENDED CONTENT: You can easily recognize the recommended content. This type of content is placed as a widget on the website page. Do not consider it as editorial content. One can easily recognize the difference between paid and generic content. This content is considered as native because it is formulated by the brand itself.

VIDEO CONTENT: The best example is YouTube. This platform does not require text, widget on images to advertise your products or services. You need to post a video which tells about the product and include a special message to the targeted audience. This strategy directly hits the customer’s mind.

Make the best use of the advantages and types of native adverts to get some amazing results. We hope you find the article helpful. Tell us in comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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